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Imagining a new future for supersonic aviation

Exosonic is an aviation company developing the world’s first low boom, quiet supersonic passenger airliner. Their mission is to bring people together through faster travel while staying committed to environmentally sustainable practices. They were in need of a high end website upgrade, so the Persius team relished the opportunity, and designed and developed a stunning custom interactive website for Exosonic.



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Anything is possible above the horizon line

Look up at the wide expanse of the sky. See the limitless possibility. This is the realm of Exosonic. The design sense was inspired by the freedom of flight and built to reference the science and technology behind achieving mechanical elevation. Two simple words embody the spirit of the design sense, quietly bold. Open space, graceful motion and the elementary idea of contrast are the foundations upon which the visual identity, the brand color palette, and editorial guidelines are built. Together these present a strong, simple and lyrical visual dialog to engage the audience’s eye, while the brand voice speaks clearly and with authority. The visual system is designed to inspire confidence and create a longterm, trustworthy relationship with the brand. The Exosonic design sense shows the audience that anything is possible above the horizon line.

Crafting a high-end web design for Exosonic's supersonic jets in the aviation industry

The primary goal for Exosonic was to upgrade their online presence with a high-end website that reflects their cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability. The challenge was to convey the bold, elegant essence of their innovative approach to creating the world’s first sustainable supersonic jet and showcase their engineering expertise effectively​​.

Stunning 3D and motion-enhanced web design showcasing Exosonic's supersonic innovation

Persius Creative crafted a website for Exosonic that embodies both boldness and elegance, resonating with the essence of supersonic aviation. The website features high-definition 3D visualizations and motion of the Supersonic Jet and UAV, with informative scroll-trigger animations that transform aircraft blueprints into detailed renders. This interactive web design not only captivates visitors but also vividly demonstrates the luxurious and efficient travel experience offered by Exosonic, positioning them as a leader in technologically advanced aviation solutions.

The Persius Creative team did a wonderful job on our new website. We gave them a limited amount of copy information (from our prior website) and images to use. Despite the limited content they created new, creative graphics that were minimal and elegant. We’ve received many compliments from investors, customers, and the general public about our website. It really helps lend us credibility to have such a professionally-done website together.

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