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InMotion Media

Data-Driven Mobile Billboard Advertising

InMotion Media Group empowers brands to increase exposure, accumulate a mobile audience, and advertise to them with targeted ads. They are a data company that provides a premium mobile advertising fleet of trucks. With their innovative model, they provide a much-needed solution to the limited, expensive, and traditionally cluttered outdoor advertising world. They selected us to redesign the InMotion website to be more engaging, informative, and dynamic.



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Dynamic website design with colorful layouts, videos, and custom elements

The InMotion Media brand represents movement, energy and precision. When creating the website we wanted to ensure those concepts worked in harmony to immediately engage visitors, We achieved that goal by using aesthetic layouts, curves and angles, background videos, scroll animations and custom branded elements that deliver the full InMotion experience to the target audience.


Data-driven website for out-of-home advertising

InMotion is a data company — They just happen to put ads on trucks. To properly inform their audience of this innovative approach, we used branded elements and concise copy, to visually guide users through the most important areas. Those include their process, the variations in their fleet of trucks, the brands they work with, and how they give back to the community. The website also features a dynamic image gallery and clear calls to action for visitors to connect with InMotion and launch a campaign.

Our outstanding new website has helped our company close 7 figure deals. We owe this to the incredible team of Persius Creative who created an eye-catching masterpiece. They were meticulous in their design and were not afraid the push innovative ideas, while respecting our vision of having a website that showed motion, movement, and making it feel alive. If you have a business and want to stand out, and your website is your primary call to action. Persius is the team for you.

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